The following terms and conditions of use apply to all websites owned, controlled or managed by pbtech, or operated with its permission. Their purpose is to provide the subscribing customer with the opportunity to be informed about the company’s services and products, as well as to place orders either online or by contacting the relevant departments of the company.


By using any website owned, controlled, operated, managed or operated by pbtech, or operated with its permission, you unconditionally declare that you accept the terms of use and conditions of that website. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use the company’s websites. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify, add or remove portions of these terms and conditions at any time. We recommend that you check these terms regularly for possible changes. Your continued use of the website, even after changes to the terms of use, constitutes acceptance of the new terms.

1.1 Restrictions of use

Unless otherwise specified, all elements and materials included on the websites, such as code, designs, icons, photographs, video clips, are an integral part of the intellectual property and trademarks owned by pbtech. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, republish, transmit, embed in another website, correspond, transfer or distribute them in any way. Users are, however, provided with the possibility to download whatever is specifically permitted for personal use and commercial purposes, without this implying a transfer of any of the aforementioned copyrights of pbtech. All trademarks and trade names are the property of the pbtech company, while the trademarks or distinctive titles of third parties, natural or legal persons, used, enjoy the rights of their legal owners. In the event that the client of the project wishes to acquire ownership of the website, it must pay the prescribed amount to pbtech.

1.2 Data movement & Fair Use Policy

The unlimited data traffic on our hosting plans does not apply in cases such as streaming content of any kind, file serving (e.g. downloading, sharing, etc.) and/or viewing high volume files (e.g. video files, audio files, mockups, etc.).
The maximum monthly usage is set at 20GB to avoid malicious use of the service. If this limit is exceeded, the company reserves the right to terminate the service without prior notice.

1.3 Available Web Hosting Space

The available web hosting space, as determined by each hosting package, includes your website files, logs & statistics, databases, and any local backup files you may create.
The maximum total space that a web page can occupy is 200MB. Additional space can be purchased optionally, but is not included by default.

1.4 Technical Support

pbtech provides technical support that has a duration of one year, from the signing of the contract and the time available to each customer is defined by the package of services he has chosen. The technical support is provided remotely and includes:
Technical questions, either by telephone or by e-mail, regarding the use of the pbtech Websites and their modules.
Requests for data updates, either by phone or email, related to the pbtech Websites and their modules.
Requests for functionality extensions (Plugin), by telephone, related to the pbtech Websites and their modules.
Technical support is available by phone, at +30 6972542924 or by email at panospibby@pbtech.gr. Requests for any editing or upgrades to the site will need to be generated via a Help Desk
The customer is obliged to declare which are the authorized persons, who will be in contact with the technical department of pbtech.
The minimum time that the customer is obliged to consume for technical support is set at 15 minutes.

The 15 minutes include:

  •  Telephone communication.
  •  Research for technical solutions to problems that may arise or have arisen.
  •  Email messages.
  •  Tests.
  •  Internal studies to meet the needs of the client.
  •  Covering the technical needs of the customer.
  •  Spending time on any questions the customer may have, etc.
  •  pbtech, provides the possibility for the customer to receive twice a year a special Excel file for the work done, which will show the consumption of the time available from the package of services that has been selected and purchased.

2. EMAIL SERVICE (e-mail)

SPAM is an unacceptable use of the pbtech network. SPAM is defined as unsolicited electronic communication made for the purpose of direct marketing of products or services. It includes emails that may contain offensive, deceptive or even dangerous content, may be used as a means of transmitting viruses or other harmful and/or spyware, and may also be aimed at obtaining personal data, usually for the purpose of financial fraud (phishing). This includes, but is not limited to, messages sent via mobile phone (SMS/MMS), instant messaging services, blogs, etc.
Messages promoting any kind of products or services (i.e. not limited to messages of commercial content), such as messages promoting the services and purposes of charitable institutions, associations, unions, and any kind of political communication, may also be characterized as SPAM. Furthermore, pbtech may consider as SPAM any form of unsolicited communication, whether it is unsolicited commercial e-mail or unsolicited bulk e-mail and for any purpose, if it receives a complaint or report of unsolicited e-mail.
Furthermore, all of the following actions are prohibited, by way of example and not limitation:
Sending unsolicited mails or junk mails or other advertising or promotional E-mail content to users who have not previously consented to receive such E-mails or provoke a reaction from the user.
Sending unsolicited mails or junk mails or other advertising or promotional E-mail content to users who have not accepted in advance to receive such E-mails from third party users (e.g. when the E-mail password has been intercepted by a virus).
Sending unsolicited E-mails which do not include the possibility of automatic deletion from the list to avoid receiving further E-mails from the originator.
The distribution, advertising or promotion of software or services whose primary purpose is to solicit or facilitate unsolicited commercial e-mail or spam.
The use of e-mail for unsolicited advertising of services or applications hosted on the pbtech network.
Forging of headers, i.e. headers that identify/identify the sender and the source network of the message (forging of headers), in order to conceal the sender of the message or to mislead the recipient, with the sole exception of the use of misleading headers in news groups.
The creation or forwarding of unsolicited emails with requests for charity, petitions for signatures, or anything related to chain mail.
The automated sending of numerous messages to the same user (mail bombing).
The use of scripts to send bulk or unsolicited mails.
Maintaining an open relay (mail or proxy) server.
Sending a single message or messages with similar content to more than five online forums or news groups (cross-posting).
The continuous posting of articles, as well as the posting of commercial articles in off-topic/category news groups.
Sending Internet viruses, worms, trojan horses, as well as distributing information related to their creation and sending via e-mail.
Subscribing any new or old user to a mailing list without their permission.
Subscribers or Users are hereby informed that the making of unsolicited communications by any means of electronic communication, with or without human intervention, for the purposes of direct marketing of products or services and for any kind of advertising purposes (Spam), is only allowed if the subscriber – recipient has given his/her express consent in advance.
The Subscribers or Users are informed that in case the e-mail contact data have been legally acquired in the context of the sale of products or services or other transaction, they may be used for the direct promotion of similar products or services of the supplier or for similar purposes, even without the prior consent of the recipient, provided that the latter is given the possibility to indicate his/her objection in a clear and distinct manner, in an easy and free of charge, to the collection of the e-mail contact data.


Subscribers or Users of access and Internet services with security codes:
They must frequently change their personal password by using the service made available by pbtech, have installed special antivirus software so that e-mail or FTP passwords cannot be intercepted. In order to protect the confidentiality of passwords, pbtech may define specific characteristics for security codes.
They must memorise their personal account details, not write them down on objects of any kind and not allow their passwords to be used by others.
The security code should not consist of part of the user’s name or other easy words referring to personal data such as telephone number, address, date of birth, age, etc. It shall be at least 8 characters long and use a combination of numeric characters, upper and lower case letters and special symbols.

3.1 Public communication

It is our policy to respect the personal data of all our visitors. For this reason and based on the terms of operation, we do not monitor, process or disclose the content of our visitors’ emails, unless required or provided by law or necessary in good faith for: 1) comply with the law or legal process; 2) protect the legitimate commercial – intellectual property rights of the company, its subscribers, advertisers and sponsors; or 3) act urgently to protect the personal safety of a visitor or public safety. In either case, our visitors remain solely responsible for the content of their messages.
Our visitors – subscribers – customers are also personally, solely and exclusively responsible for compliance with the provisions on copyright protection of the sources – owners of the texts or any other data – works used by them, transferred and displayed in any way on our website.

3.2 Jurisdiction issues

Unless otherwise specified, the material in any form is governed by the applicable Greek law, not including the laws of other countries, states or federations of states, with the exception, of course, of the legislation of the European Union and the European Courts of Justice, to the extent that the European legislation or case law is ratified by the Greek state by law or binds (under regulations or directives) the Greek state respectively. Those who decide to use the company’s website from another location outside the Greek territory, do so on their own initiative and are themselves responsible for proving the usefulness or correctness of any information or material in the presentation, as well as for the compliance and application of the information or material with local or national law.

3.3 Signals

Unless otherwise stated, the titles, trademarks, trade names, photographs, images, pictures, icons and names are the intellectual property of pbtech. Any reference made on the company’s websites to any specific commercial product or service by its trade name or trademark does not establish or imply endorsement, recommendation or preference therefor. Any such content contained on the company’s websites is provided by third parties. Any opinion, advice, statement, service, including information provided by the providers is the opinion of them (the third parties) and is not necessarily accepted by our company. In case the project contractor wants to acquire the ownership of the website as well, he has to pay the stipulated amount to pbtech.

3.4 Links to other websites

Our websites may contain links to other websites that provide services from third parties. Any questions about services or resources linked to these links should be directed to the relevant third parties and not to our company. The linking of our websites to other presentations does not imply any endorsement of the content of such presentations by the authors or contributors of our website, who are not responsible for their content.
The terms of use of this presentation are governed by all the rules of Greek law. For any dispute arising from the use of this website, the laws of the Greek state apply, and the competent courts for the resolution of such disputes are those of the city of Athens.
The use of the pbtech websites expressly declares your agreement with all the above terms. Reading this text is required before using the website. Your signature on this text is considered as an indication of your agreement to these terms.

3.5 Special note for minors

Minors are not allowed to use pbtech’s services, whether with or without a financial contribution, unless their parents or guardians expressly authorize it.

3.6 Logs, statistics

The traffic logs from the websites of each customer are automatically deleted from pbtech’s computers on the last day of each month. The statistics are available to the customer and it is technically feasible to show the traffic for the last thirty-six months at most.

3.7 Bill payment terms

The customer is obliged to pay the total or the monthly amount indicated in the document (invoice) issued by pbtech within the repayment period, and in any case within thirty days from the date of issue of the document, unless otherwise stated in the body of the document. Any repayment after the stated deadline, or in any case beyond thirty (30) days from the date of issue of the relevant voucher, shall be subject to a 1% charge on the total amount payable. In the event that the amount is less than one hundred euros (100 ), the customer is obliged to pay the aforementioned amount (100 ) in full. In the event of partial or incomplete payment, pbtech reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the provision of services to the customer after fifteen (15) days from the notification to the customer in writing.

3.8 Terms of obligation to send information, instructions & data of the Website / E-Shop

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide pbtech with the necessary information, instructions and data for the construction of the website or e-shop according to the following time frames:
One month to send data for the One-Page Responsive Website.
Two months for sending data for the Multi-Page Responsive Website.
Three months for sending data for the E-Shop Responsive Website.
In case this period expires without all the necessary information having been delivered to pbtech, the company reserves the right to charge the full amount indicated on the invoice or receipt issued either monthly or annually, even if the website or e-shop has not been fully built. The responsibility for this delay rests solely with the customer.
In the case of a monthly subscription, pbtech will offset the quarterly advance payment, while after the end of the quarter, the customer will have to pay the remaining amount in monthly installments until the predetermined termination of the cooperation.
In case the customer chose the annual subscription (one-time payment), he/she will have to pay the remaining amount (50%) to pbtech for the annual service package he/she has purchased.
The contract signed between the customer and pbtech is valid for 1 year and is automatically renewed, unless either of the parties informs the other in writing of its non-renewal, at least 2 months before the expiration date.

3.9 Electronic Information and Communication Policy

pbtech has established a system of automated emails to its customers in order to inform them about issues concerning their services. Examples include service termination alerts, debt notification, resource limit overrun notices, scheduled service interruptions, etc.
These messages will be sent to the email address of each beneficiary of our services at info@domain.gr, where “domain.gr” refers to the name of the domain used by each customer. The above email address can only be changed with the express instruction of the beneficiary.
Resellers of our services will only inform their customers in a similar way if they wish to do so.
3.10 Management of Domain Names ending in .gr
pbtech will undertake the management of the domain name for the client, and only pbtech will carry out any necessary actions. The domain name will be registered with pbtech and will be included in the service package of each client. The customer does not have the right to transfer or use it after the termination of the cooperation, as it is an asset of pbtech. Otherwise, the customer is liable for compensation of pbtech for any negative impact.

3.11 Disclaimer

All information provided, either as separate items or as a whole, is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. In order to comply with applicable legal requirements and practices, the authors and contributors are not responsible for any form of warranty, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties as to merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. pbtech does not warrant that the functions contained in the websites will be uninterrupted, error-free, or that any defects will be corrected, or that the data and information provided will be free of viruses or other harmful components. Further, no representations or warranties are made as to the use or results of the use of the materials or the accuracy, reliability, or validity thereof.
Where applicable law does not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, the above exclusion may not apply to you. However, in any event, pbtech’s total compensation for any damages you may suffer shall not exceed the amount you paid, if any, for accessing the pbtech websites or for the services provided through them.

3.12 Limitation of Liability

The authors and contributors are not liable, even under minimal negligence, for any damage, whether serious or not, resulting from the use or inability to use the material. In the event that, unwillingly, misuse of your computer is caused by you, you shall pay the full cost of any necessary maintenance, repair or restoration. In the event that applicable law does not permit the limitation or exclusion of liability, the above limitation may not apply to you. In any event, however, pbtech’s total civil liability for the total damages you may suffer shall not exceed the amount you paid, if any, for accessing the pbtech websites or for the services provided through them.

3.13 Compliance with the terms of service

In the event that pbtech detects an incident or action by the Subscriber or User that violates the applicable legislation or this Acceptable Use of Services Policy, or the contractual terms of the individual services provided, and this violation may compromise the level of security of pbtech’s Information and Communication Systems and/or violate the confidentiality of pbtech’s and/or its Subscribers’ or Users’ information and communications, pbtech reserves the right to temporarily restrict (block) access to the internet as a whole and/or to the specific service through which the breach was carried out, until the breach is resolved and/or the security incident is addressed. In addition, pbtech has the right to permanently terminate the provision of the services and unilaterally terminate the contract between it and the Subscriber, in case the Subscriber or the User does not comply within the time frame set by pbtech.
The payment of the invoices issued by pbtech by the customer is irrefutable proof of full understanding and acceptance of the terms of service, described on this page, namely on the company’s website and special link “Terms of Service”. pbtech reserves the right to unilaterally update the terms of service on this page, and the customer is obliged to comply with them. The date of the last update and the terms are described at the top of this web page. In case of substantial changes in the terms of service provision, after the issue of a relevant invoice by pbtech to the customer and in case of disagreement of the customer with the modified terms, the customer reserves the right to inform pbtech in writing of his objections and to withdraw from the contract for the services provided.


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