Ready-made Offer Packages available

Start-up Pack

Έτοιμο Πακέτο
139 99
Hosting space: 2 GB
Free SSL Certificate
Hosting for 1 email
1-4 pages
Website construction for startups looking for a cost-effective solution for their startup.

Economy Pack

Έτοιμο Πακέτο
349 99
Hosting space: 5 GB
Free SSL Certificate
Hosting for 20 emails
5-12 Pages
An economical solution for companies with a limited budget.

Dynamic Pack

Έτοιμο Πακέτο
449 99
Hosting space: 10 GB
Free SSL Certificate
Hosting for unlimited email
Unlimited Pages
Website Design, Logo, Web Design Services
Create a Blog with Unlimited Post
Dynamic website for companies seeking growth.

Advanced Pack

Έτοιμο Πακέτο
899 99
Hosting space: 20 GB
Transaction Security with SSL Certificate
Business Email Encryption Software
Creation of Website and Online Store (Eshop)
Dynamic Online Shop with Credit Card, Transport Calculation
Create a Blog with Unlimited Post
Website construction with Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
Advanced solution for companies that want full online presence and success in their field.

Another solution! Make your own package

In case you are not interested in any of the above packages but you want to create your own package, then you can use the form we have created for you to help us better understand what you want to create and offer you an offer. If you wish, click on the button to get started.
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